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I mostly follow your recommendations, but I also own two small-cap stocks with 100 Overall scores. Why are they not on one of your buy lists?

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Q: I mostly follow your recommendations, but I also own two small-cap stocks with 100 Overall scores. Why are they not on one of your buy lists?

A: Dear Subscriber,

Our Quadrix system computes scores for about 5,000 U.S.-traded stocks, which means at any given time, about 500 will score above 90.

High Quadrix scores alone are not sufficient reason to buy a stock. No quantitative system will consider every investment angle, and some stocks with high scores have problems the statistics won't reflect. That explains why we always follow up with individual company analysis before adding a stock to our recommended lists — and why not every stock that earns a score of 100 makes it onto the Buy List.

In addition, the two stocks you mentioned are far too small for the Dow Theory Forecasts, which prefers to focus on stocks with market capitalizations of $5 billion or higher. If small-cap stocks interest you, check out Upside, our sister newsletter, which focuses on these stocks. You can find Upside at

Thanks for your interest,

Bob Sweet, CFA
Managing Editor, Dow Theory Forecasts

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