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The global conversion to 5G wireless networks has generated a lot of talk. How should we play that trend?

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Paper Profit (Loss)

An unrealized gain (loss) on a security. Paper profits or losses are realized when the security is sold.

Par Value

Refers to the dollar amount assigned to a share of stock by a company's charter and which rarely reflects the market price. The par value of a preferred stock is the value upon which dividends are paid.

Passed Dividend

Refers to an omitted dividend on cumulative preferred stock.

Payout Ratio

The percentage of earnings paid out as a dividend.

P/E Ratio

See Price-Earnings Ratio


Relating to a stock, a point means $1. Relating to a bond, a point means 1%. Relating to invest rates, a  point means 1/100 of a percent. See Basis Point.


An individual's or company's security holdings.

Portfolio Manager

A person who manages another's portfolio. Also a person who manages a mutual fund, pension fund, profit-sharing plan, or bank trust.

Preferred Stock

Stock that entitles the holder to a dividend at a specified rate that is paid before a common stock dividend is paid.


The price paid for a fixed-income security above its par value.

Price-Earnings Ratio

Probably the most used of all valuation ratios, the price-earnings ratio (also called P/E ratio or P/E multiple) permits an investor to analyze the price of a particular stock or compare the prices of different stocks. A lower P/E ratio indicates that a particular stock is trading at a less expensive market price than another stock with a higher P/E ratio based on the level of each firm's earnings.

Price-Earnings Ratio = Market Price of the Stock
Earnings Per Share of the Firm

Prime Rate

A preferential interest rate charged by a commercial bank only to its most credit-worthy customers.


The face value of a bond. Also refers to a person who owns 10% or more of a company's outstanding voting stock, an investor's capital base, or a trade involving a dealer.

Principal Amount

The face amount of a loan or face amount or par value of any debt security.

Profit and Loss Statement

Also referred to as a "P&L." A statement listing a company's income, expenses, and net profit or loss for a defined period.

Profit Taking

A term used to explain a drop in a stock price or in the general market absent of bad economic or financial news. The idea is that the reason investors are selling is to lock in profits.

Profitability Ratios

A series of ratios that measure the effectiveness of a firms profit generating abilities.


An official selling document that must be distributed to purchasers or potential purchasers of new securities that are registered with the SEC. In relation to a stock, this document is sometimes referred to as a "Red Herring."

Proxy Statement

A document which contains a variety of corporate information such as top management pay, a five-year performance graph that compares the stock against relevant indexes, and information concerning a company's board of directors. It also discloses the name and position size of any shareholders that own 5% or more of the company's stock. It is mailed at least annually to all shareholders of a particular firm so that they may vote on certain items relating to the company.

Public Offering

The original sale of a company's securities to the investing public.

Publicly Available Information

Information about a company that is readily available to the public.


An option to sell a security at a stated price.

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Friday, July 19, 2019

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