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Q & A

The global conversion to 5G wireless networks has generated a lot of talk. How should we play that trend?

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Tools & Resources

Tangible Assets

Assets owned by a firm that have an actual physical presence.


"Treasury Bill," which is a short-term obligation of the U.S. Government that is issued at a discount from its face value. The difference between the face value paid to the investor at maturity and the price paid for the T-bill represents interest.

Technical Analysis

A method of analyzing a security that focuses on the price movement, trend, and trading volume of a security. Technical analysis may be used in conjunction with Fundamental Research.

Tender Offer

A public offer by an outside investor to the shareholders of a particular firm to purchase their stock at a specific price with the intent of taking over this firm.

Ticker Symbol

A letter-based identification code used to designate the shares of a particular firm or fund.

Times Interest Earned

A ratio that attempts to measure the extent to which earnings may decline before impairing a firm's ability to meet its interest costs. A financially stronger firm should have a higher ratio than a weaker firm should.

Time Value of Money

The concept that a dollar received today is more valuable than a dollar to be received tomorrow due to the interest that can be earned on the dollar.

Total Return

The entire profit or loss earned on an investment. It consists of both the appreciation or depreciation in the value of the investment and any dividend or interest income received from the investment.


A person who buys and sells securities for his/her personal account. It can also refer to an employee of a financial firm who handles the purchases and sales of securities for his/her employer.


The delivery of a stock certificate from the seller's broker to the buyer's broker and legal change of ownership.

Transfer Agent

A person or entity that keeps a record of the name and address of each registered shareholder and number of shares owned. In addition, a transfer agent supervises that stock certificates presented from the old owner are cancelled and new certificates are issued in the name of the new owner.

Treasury Stock

Stock that has been repurchased by the issuing corporation.

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Current Hotline

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Worries regarding trade frictions, recession, and the implications of the global plunge in bond yields

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Stock Spotlight

Apple looks ripe for buying

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

For years, Apple ($195; AAPL) produced reliable growth, its sales rising at least 7% annually from fiscal 2002 ending September to fiscal 2015. Since then...

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